Monday, March 21, 2011

What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?

Gathered together in the Prayer Room at our church during the ongoing services and praying as the Holy Spirit leads us a guy walked into the room for prayer. After he sat down and we concluded the current train of prayer, I looked at this guy that I have known for some time and asked, did you come in here for prayer?

He responded with the great physical ordeal that he was facing along with all of the possible negative outcomes. After he went on about his issues for a few minutes, I asked him directly; "What do you want Jesus to do for you"

He responded to my direct question by returning to his list of dim possibilities as if I had not heard them the first time.

This told me much. He came in not for real prayer but as a good-luck charm that he could add to his charm bracelet. He was so immersed in his "death spiral" that he couldn't even hear my question. What religious teaching had instructed him to was to wallow in his tough situation.

Jesus simply doesn't care to hear all of the aches and moans. He already knows our troubles far better and we do ourselves. Jesus lamented, one day, "will the Son of Man find faith on the Earth when he returns?" Faith an endangered species today. Far preferable to faith is the certainty of a paycheck, a mortgage payment, dependable car and even a terrible illness.

So let me ask you, "what do you want Jesus to do for you?"

Oh, don't tell me, I can do nothing that you yourself can't to. Just tell Him?

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