Monday, March 28, 2011

Rest in Peace

You've heard it, I have too. Just recently I was it again as someone wish the departed "rest in peace". I immediately began to remember the words of Jeremiah which say:

They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially,Saying, "Peace, peace, But there is no peace". Jeremiah 6:14.

No there is no peace outside of Jesus the "Prince of Peace". As a matter of fact most Christians fail to dwell in peace in spite of peace being one of the specific named fruits that the Holy Spirit brings with Him when He takes up residence in a new believer.

That discussion I will keep for another time however. Today to focus is on the empty wish of peace for the recently departed.

There will be anything BUT peace for those who die without Jesus! We too easily forget the horrific future of the damned! If we properly understood the ugliness or the horror awaiting our family and friends our prayers and our witness would take on a whole other dimension.

Nor will peace be an issue for the redeemed. The radiating joy and fullness will overwhelm every other sense. Gone are all weeping. Gone are all troubles. Gone are all concerns. Only jubilant celebration and overriding sense of wonder!

No there is no peace except for those who fully understand what Jesus did for us. It is coming to grips with the "desparate-ness" of who we really are and the grandeur of who Jesus is and what He has done that fully sets us free from worry and fret.

Consider an invitation to fall in love with Jesus! He been calling you into the love relationship that He did all of the work for. The only thing that stands in your way are religion and your preconceived conception about God! Flee from these shackles and run to Jesus!

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