Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Minster By Any Other Name

We were in a group discussion. There were just a few of us so we were pretty open in our discussions. As the discussions came around to what stesses each of us were dealing with, an interesting view that many of us have popped out.

As we discussed different challenges one individual stated that the responsibilities of ministry are extreme, suggesting that, just perhaps, the depth of responsibility on "ministry" was most likely beyond the ability of someone not in ministry to fully understand.

Fastening that we should have the concept or ministry/non-ministry being based upon who pays ones paycheck. This is not uniquely the property of those in "ministry" but many of those who have "non-ministry" jobs agree that we, indeed, have non-ministry jobs.

Scripture doesn't see things that same way at all. We are told that "whatever we do we are to do it as to the Lord".

An equal matter of concern, however, lies in the practicality of this issue. Let me ask you an easy question: who has greater access to the "unsaved", the "minister" or the "non-minister"? An even easier question: who has the greater opportunity to display Jesus to people who have no concept of grace?

Obviously, there are different types of ministry. None is more valuable than the other. We are all one body, different gifts; different callings; different accesses but still one body!

Minister in grace and in faith!


Jeanie said...

I was born into a "ministry" home and married in to one (if you were explaining some one who makes their living as an "employee of a local congregation") So I have been on both sides of this fence.

When we were in "full-time ministry," we often did believe that people could not comprehend the measure of the stress, but from the other side currently (much to my parents chagrin), I can look back and see that the "stress" of ministry was often ministering under the fear of men (a snare)rather than unto the Lord. When you try to people-please, it becomes unbelievably burdensome.

A friend recently asked me if I missed "vocational ministry," and I was a bit taken aback, as I now believe that our ministry to the Lord is the highest in importance (ministry to people, the church, etc comes from the overflow of the grace in that) and I haven't, nor do I intend to ever "turn in my ordination papers" in ministry to the Lord.

Real Life said...

Bless you! You see the truth of the richness of God's provision for His people.

dan moriarity said...

This understanding was one of the great contributions made by John Calvin, Martin Luther, and many of the other reformers. According to the Ephesians chapter 4 leaders in the church are to equip the congregation in order to do the work of ministry. According to the Scriptures as stated above we are all ministers and the leaders among us are to equip us in order to do so. Spiritually we are all in full-time Christian ministry.