Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok, I've had it! I am so irritated over most of the current wave of "worship" songs. Have you ever noticed how many of them come from a personal direction? "I will follow..." "As You respond to me..." The "I" , the "me" and the "us" is just another example of the sickness that is effecting the current church. Listen to current Christian with a critical ear for a couple of days.

As much as this irritates me the continued connection between music and singing and worship is an assault to our God. Almost each week as the musicians "dismiss" the church they make a statement to the effect that the team will continue to "worship" as the people leave. Really?

We have dumbed down the term of worship to the point of it not even being an issue anymore. Where are the protests, does no one care?

One simply can not worship in mass on Sunday if he hasn't personally worshiped the prior days leading up to the gathering. The lack of worship, although a major issue, is not the issue here however. The issue is how the church continues to propagate the "worship is music" message.

My rant is over!

Don't allowt the malaise that is currently going on on Christian radio or in your church deflect your true worship. He is indeed worthy!!!!1

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