Monday, June 28, 2010

Merely Human?

There was an captivating question jumped out at me last week as we were reading and discussion I Corinthians. Paul asked the Christians in Corinth a pointed question. After discussing several specific issues, he asked the "are you not acting like mere men?"

It was so important of a point that he made the statement and question twice.

So, what do you suppose were is expectations?

Today, too many Christians, act like mere men and women. There is no joy, there is no power, there is no adventure, there is no seeing of the enemy, much less attacking the enemy.

We are God's personal representatives in this world. And, it was His choice, not ours. Jesus told His followers "these things you see Me do, you shall do also, and greater things shall you do because I go to the Father".

So, when was the most recent time that you did something greater than Jesus?

Are you content to be just a mere man or woman?

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