Monday, March 8, 2010

Much is at Stake; Workers Needed!

Every Sunday is a bit different for me. My purpose each Sunday is to walk the venues and the classroom areas while praying as the Holy Spirit leads me. As I walk, I also look for people who might look “out of place”; perhaps they are standing alone, wandering around aimlessly or actually looking to have a question answered. This makes each week a bit different.

Last Sunday was a day that I will long remember. From one person to the next there were heart-rending issues; illnesses, financial stresses, marriage problems, family issues….

As I was praying for the one service a guy, who I have known for several months, actually I met him at an altar call when he came forward, approached me and let me know that his sister was going to be joining him at church. He asked if I would be willing to talk to her after the service. Of course, I said that I would look forward to talking to her.

I found the brother and sister after the service and he introduced us. I invited her to sit down together at one of the café tables so we could talk. As we sat there, I could tell that she was very uneasy. I prayed for her as she attempted to find the words to start.

Before I continue, I need to state that I strongly believe that, whenever it is possible, that in one on one situations men should pray for men and women should pray for women. I asked this lady if she would be more comfortable in talking in a less public place. She quickly stated that that would be easier for her. I looked around to see if I could locate one of the women that I know who would be willing to be included in this but didn’t see anyone so I suggested that we move to the prayer room.

The next hour is difficult to describe without revealing confidences however, it is appropriate to say that this lady was dealing with some very weighty issues. She “knew” that she was too bad for God to accept her; that she had done too much and gone too far. After much venting, I finally got a chance to ask her if I could pray for her.

The story goes on for a while longer but the point of this message is not the details of this situation but that God is always doing something pretty amazing and wants to share it with us. I don’t want you to miss it!

This woman has been in and out of church most of her life. Her opinion of church was that she didn’t belong there and that church was not intended for people like her. She had been counseled that she needed to quit certain things or that she was too “this” or too “that”. She had encountered the judgementalism of religion!

God trusted this tender soul to the Holy Spirit and me that day. Pray for her please. It isn’t important that you know her name since God made the appointment I’m sure He will remember.

Your prayers make a difference. I know that sometimes it seems like we pray and nothing seems to happen. There are, however, no wasted prayers. God hears and responds to them all. His timing is different, His view of events and situations is different, His purposes are often different but He does respond to each prayer.

Thank Him that He as trusted us with so many difficult and tender issues!

Tell him you want to accept His invitation!

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