Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you to those of you who have stepped up to the embarassment of admitting that you follow ths blog.

Possibly you, and everyone else, might consider inviting others to drop by for a test drive.

On another note, there is an incredible message the God is writing on my heart that I can hardly wait to share with you. Each Monday will be a new update but there will be one coming that I can hardly wait to share with you.


Jeanie said...

But Tim Klinger doesn't have a photo...has he really stepped up??! Haha.

Not an embarrassment at all!

Real Life said...

I tend toward being photo challenged as well. I understand.

Gonzalo said...

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Real Life said...

Gonzalo, please be considerate of others that pay for your advertising. It is just not right to use other people's sites to promote your business.

Thank you.