Monday, May 16, 2011

Playground Supervisor?

Just how big is your God? Is he like a playground supervisor that mediates scuffles or answers your complaints and questions? Is he like a grouchy next door neighbor that you just approach only when you have to?

We have all shrunken God down to the size of our problems. Isn't it convenient to have a pocket-sized God; there when you need him?

The problem with these customized sized gods is that they just are too easy. They don't expect much but they don't accomplish much either.

It is time to let God out of the box inside of our minds. You see, our lives are shrunken down in the same ratio that our God has been shrunken within our minds.

Expand your God and expand your life!

The big, big, very big God is also there when you need Him but this God makes a big, big, very big difference.

Are you seeing miracles in your life? If not why not? It is simply because you do not need a miracle to do what you do! It is no more complicated that that. God is the same God that we read about in every book of the Bible! He is a miracle working God!

Does you mind have room for that God?

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