Monday, February 8, 2010

Choose Wisely, We Have Only One Life to Live.

Jesus died!

That statement is enough, however:

Jesus died on a public cross;
on a hill just outside the gates of the large city
right next to a busy roadway.
He was stripped almost naked
people were standing around watching, taunting

Embarassing enough?

So what keep you from talking to the people you know about Jesus? Could it be the fear of embarassment? The irrational fear that keep us from sharing Jesus quickly melts during the initial moments of confronting the fear and doing it anyway!

We all have a clear choice, choose the easy, comfortable way and allow irrational fear to rule our lives or to choose the unfettered joy that comes with living in faith and stomping on irrational fear!

God has invited us into an incredible adventure; but most of us shy away and accept just another "ordinary life".

Choose wisely!

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