Monday, July 20, 2009

And a Nickel Too!

This morning started off a bit rough due to another long but short night. They seem to come from time to time and I have a deep sense that it is the only way that God can get a message through my thick skull.

You have probably experience the long/short night opportunity as well. Long because something keeps you from sleep; short because once you have finally fallen to sleep it is immediately time to get up.

Well, that was my night and why my morning started off a bit rough. Nevertheless, I soldiered on an drove to the place where I do my workout.

As I began my workout (not as big a deal as it sounds), things seemed different. The work was relatively easy and I actually enjoyed each task. As I was walked out of the door to leave a wonderful young brother in Jesus was approaching the door. His smile was infectious and as we talked his message was salve for my soul.

I continued toward my car considering the blessing of my brother, the beauty of the green grass, the warm sunshine, the cool gentle breeze; just exulting in God's goodness.

Now here is were things really get interesting. As I walked further toward my car I saw a bright glint on the ground. As I looked down I saw a bright, glistening new nickel lying on the ground.
Now, ordinarily, a nickel wouldn't be that meaningful but in this wonderful moment the thought came to my mind: “the grass, the trees, the blue sky, the wonderful breeze and a nickel too!”

God is able to do far more that we ask or imagine!

What a God!

Allow Him to show you your nickel too!

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