Monday, March 30, 2009

Ask and You Will Receive

Isn't it time you quit listening to the news and start to listen to God's view on things? Negative begets negative; there is simply no other formula that is as true. Negative flows from negative.

God is not a God of despair; nor is He a God of fear nor of panic. All around us today is news of "crises" and alarm. Either you buy into the message of the world or you, like a child, accept by faith what you cannot see!

Our God is a God of hope! He is a God of new tomorrows and of spring-times and wonder! Don't miss Him in the clamor of fear and dread!

Right now, there is so much I would like to tell you....

so much about what our gracious God has been saying to me...


I've got a much better idea....

Why not???????

Maybe you could ask Him for yourself?!

(then I couldn't mess it up so much!)

Take a few moments to ask God what He wishes to tell you and then, be quiet and listen.

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