Monday, October 20, 2008

Higher, Wider, Deeper and More

Seven different churches were addressed in the first pages of the Book of Revelation. Seven different churches all with different issues that displeased our God!

Seven different times, God’s message to these dysfunctional churches was to “overcome”. With the “over-coming” came promised blessings and providence.

What is it about over-coming that God so enjoys?

Making a decision to turn your life over to God by accepting Jesus and His sacrifice is the pinnacle of decisions. No other decision that we ever make will create a celebration in the heavenly realms.

The next level of decisions is the level of decision wherein we place our trust outside of what we see and know. This is the place of “over-coming”. At these times, we often don’t feel like overcoming; we don’t much feel like anything spiritually enriching. In times like this, we are lost in our own despair or scattered in our own plans and schemes.

Many times we have “settled” for far less than God’s desire for us. It is in these times that the tender mercies of our God call us to “over-come”.

So, today just perhaps there are seven people who God is calling to this place of overcoming. Are you one of His beloved?

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