Sunday, August 10, 2008

Prized Beyond Comprehension

You have seen them, I have too. You know; those far too many makeshift memorials beside the roads and highways that we travel pursuing our daily responsibilities and tasks.

We quickly pass by what is no longer just an ordinary piece of roadway in the eyes of he “memorial makers”. No, something horrific happened to someone close and dear to him or her or to them. It is just to terrible and too untimely an event to allow it to be unrecognized in the eyes of the maker(s); never again will that piece of road be simply an avenue of transportation!

What a poignant example of another deep truth:

Every-time God looks at you He sees the memorial of Jesus. No longer are you just another simple piece of humanity; you are a glowing testimony to a far greater horrific event.

The holy, infinite, glorious Creator God “became sin so that we might be the righteousness of God”.

You are highly prized above even the most glorious of the angels.

Live like it today; live like it everyday!


J said...

I have been pondering altars a lot lately: how they are the symbolic or geographical point of agreement between God and man. In some ways, then, we are like living altars-a place of remembrance of what Christ did.

Real Life said...

I see old testament altar as a reminder what God had done in a particual spot. God acted, His people built and altar. Eveytime people would pass by they would inquire about the pile of stones and its meaning. Over and over again the stories of God's miracle was told.

So, scripture says tht we are living altars. Do people inquire of us? Are the stories of what God has done told over and over again?

We have lost our savor!