Monday, May 5, 2008

New Venture Beginning

It has been suggest to me that a blog might be a good option to open up some of my thoughts regarding "Real Life in Jesus". For several months I have been writing thoughts what are sent out, weekly, to the prayer team at my church. These "thoughts" accompany specific prayer requests for our church for the following weekend. If you would like some "coaching" on setting up a email prayer team at your church let me know.

I will attempt to challenge you to the depths of your being. In today's society, Christians are "hidden agents" at best. Certainly, this is not what Jesus designed. A quick reading of the events during the first days of the new church as recorded in the Book of Acts reveals a dynamic, adventurous life far different that that of most Christians' today.

We will seek to discover the adventure once again. Check by often and please feel free to question anything and everything that I say. If it disagrees from the truth of the Bible please call me on that! Also, please leave me comments that others may see as well so that we can eccourage and challenge one another.

Blessings to you,



CAK said...

Hey Jim -
I was thrilled to see you've started a blog! I believe many great discussions will come through the challenges you present and God will use this as a tool to impact others for Him! I look forward to checking back often.
Carol Ann

Jeanie said...

I am so happy to see this, Jim. I know you are a quiet, yet powerful man of God, What a great way for people to hear your heart and glean from your wisdom.

chief said...

Jim Sorensen Class of 69 - I am a native american from the salish and kootenai tribe in big sky country. My religion is my culture and my family. When I attend cultural events I feel the power of the great spirit. It will interesting checking back to your blog. Later Chief